Pay N Play

Many Internet Marketers talk about, ‘Having the right Mindset’.

One piece of having the right mindset is in understanding Time=Money The most successful Internet Marketers not only understand this but adhere to it.

So many wannabe (Newbie) Internet Marketers dream of making millions straight out of the gate and proceed to waste countless hours of their time in an attempt to generate free traffic.

This is usually a complete waste of time. They click and click on ‘Traffic Exchanges’ or write up ‘Articles’ in the hope of driving hordes of traffic to an offer.

Inserting Your, “Call To Action”?

call to action 150x150 Inserting Your, Call To Action?The All Important ‘Call To Action’.


By Daniel Gossage

You have spent eons dressing your Voodoo Doll (In Your Mind). You have created and edited your You Tube video. You have even been, ‘Savvy’ enough to know a little known secret and added, ‘CC’ (Closed Caption) to your video. Closed Caption is where you add text to a You Tube video that is for the hard of hearing, deaf or for people that want to read what you are saying. You would type out all of your speech and synchronise it with your speech. The good thing about this little known trick is that You Tube can check what you are saying and notes your keywords. So make sure not to overdo it. Add your keyword to the beginning sentence, In the middle of your speech and near to the end. You Tube and Google love, ‘CC’ it will help your video rankings!

Voodoo Increases Video Conversions

Voodoo Increases Conversions.

By Daniel Gossagevoodoo video Voodoo Increases Video Conversions

You must get people engaged in your video. As in my previous post you must create videos that show people getting excited over your product and benefiting fromĀ  it. Many marketers promote those easy to do, ‘Whiteboards’ with a splash of text and a bit of pre-recorded music playing in the background. These have usually been created in Powerpoint. Then a screen capture program has been used to capture each slide in turn and then stock music is added.

Video Voodoo!

Blasting Your Views And Videos Through The Roof

By Daniel GossageWonderwoman Video Voodoo!

You can use your Voodoo doll for any type of marketing. Video is a great one if you understand it.

I see so many marketers wasting their time and getting it wrong. Throw as many as you can up and, ‘They will come’! Yeah, right. Believe that and you have just about threw any chance of getting a few views away. Let alone creating an avalanche. Remember you have to dress your doll and hit the bullseye!

Dressing Your, ‘VOODOO’ Doll For Business.

Succeeding With Your Marketing

By Daniel Gossagevoodoo 150x150 Dressing Your, VOODOO Doll For Business.

The way in which you dress your imaginary Voodoo doll will ultimately decide the success of your marketing. If done properly you will see sign ups and sales like never before. You will have to make many decisions along the way, spend a little time and get them right.

Dressing your voodoo doll allows you to see exactly who your target audience is. It is no good saying that you are targeting everyone. You will never hit the bullseye that way. You have to define your target exactly. Only then will you be able to, ‘Hit’ the bullseye repeatedly.

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