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About Daniel Gossage

I have been online since 1998. In those days I connected to the internet via a modem and telephone line (Dial up). I soon realised that there was money to be made on the internet. I started purchasing products, programs, you name it I purchased it! I was sure that the Internet was an easy way to not only make money but, to get rich. Some Internet marketers even tried to entice you to make further investments, claiming that you needed more software etc. I soon discovered that none of these, ‘Get rich schemes worked. I now call them, ‘Fools Gold’! Sadly these type of Internet marketers seem to be on the increase, they realise that the work from home niche is very lucrative.

I then by chance came across eBay and by chance sold some of my old cd’s and other items that I had around the house. This type of online marketing appealed to me. I kept myself busy for a few months. I made a little money and continued to look for easier ways to make money. I looked into importing goods from Honk Kong, China etc but, I was a little worried about whether I would receive the items and was unsure about the quality etc. I moved onto selling information cd’s, problem was, not long after I started eBay changed the rules about selling digital products. I started to sell the programs on CD, but it was never the same and I got disillusioned with it all.

Although I carried on browsing the Internet, I gave up with my schemes and carried on with my job. Then recently I started buying these get rich quick schemes, ‘Fools Gold’. I soon realised that although the sales pages were loaded with fantastic videos, graphics etc the end result was still the same, ‘CRAP’. If all you had to do was push a, ‘Magic Button’ to gain riches, why had these so called lazy people decided to start doing more work now they had their, ‘Magic Button’? They made their ‘Push Button’ millions and then started writing sales pages, product creation etc. Yeah, right!

I made a decision to purchase no more, ‘Fools Gold’. I already knew more about Blogging, SEO, creating quality content and more. All I had to do was admit to myself that I had to change a few things that, ‘Only I could change’! ‘Eureka’, I had the answer.

Now, things are starting to get better. I am a lot happier and enjoy both my job and my Internet business. The great thing is that I feel as though I have been set free. I enjoy my job as I have been lucky enough to find a job that I love. I am allowed to take time off when I want, with very short notice. I can go in on the morning and ask for the afternoon off. It is also flexi-shift, I can start early and leave early. No rush hour! Likewise with my Internet Marketing career. I can work when I want and for as long as I want.

You may be wondering what I changed in my life that made all of the difference! Well, I will tell you in the hope that it will also help you.

I already knew I was purchasing ‘Crap’, in the hope of finding an all elusive push button solution. It does not exist and I knew it! I had to start selling not buying.

I had to get off my back side and do a little more than, ‘Push a Button’. I had to create a blog, products etc. It is not hard to do but, it is not as easy as pushing a button.

I had to pay for help. If their was something I found hard I had to contract the work out. Strangely enough I did not like paying people to do the work. I always was unsure of the results that I would get. Yet I would part with money For ‘Fools Gold’! I must be crazy. Slowly I have built up a list of people that I can outsource to, so I now find it easier to get certain parts of my projects done.

I now write about real solutions. How to get your blog indexed. How to sprinkle a little SEO over it, so that it can be found by people searching for answers. Even how to start making money on the Internet. Sign up to my newsletter and you will find out how you could be making money on the internet. I always give good quality advice for free in my newsletter.

So, if you are ready to do something about it, make sure to enter your email address above and I will help you to succeed.

Daniel Gossage