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Gain Your Reader’s Trust and Increase Your Credibility

By Daniel Gossage

You must gain your visitors trust, ‘ASAP’. You need to exceed your visitors expectations and build your credibility with them and the search engines. You need to ensure that your post is captivating and will keep your visitor entertained. This will help to improve your opt-in rates, sales and also your search engine rankings. As Google now takes note of how long a visitor spends on your blog before clicking away. Too soon and Google will penalise you! If your visitor stays, Google will reward you by giving you a higher page rank (PR).

Creating Trustworthy and Quality Content

You must ensure that your content is ultra relevant to your visitor. If your visitor has arrived via a link, your quality content should be exactly what they are expecting or more. Your content will be indexed by search engines for relevance and will suffer the consequences if it is found to be irrelevant.

Your Blog should be easy to navigate and be intuitive. You should use your content to keep your visitors attention and encourage them to return.

An, ‘About Us’ page will help to build trust with your visitors it should list the aims of your business and tell your visitor a little bit about yourself, if you are a small business or a, ‘One man band’. A picture of yourself is a great way of helping to build trust.

A frequently asked questions page (FAQ) that answers anticipated questions is extremely useful and will help to leverage your credibility.

Make sure that you have an Opt-in feature on your blog that will help you to keep in touch with your visitors who choose to become subscribers. This will allow you to keep your subscribers updated with newsletters, ebooks, specials etc. It also a great way of building a rapport with them and increasing their level of trust with you, which in turn will help to increase your sales.

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