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Traffic Generation Article Writing

 By Daniel GossageSEO1 300x225 Traffic Generation Article Writing

At the moment it is Google’s world. The various Panda updates have wreaked havoc with some Internet Marketers while others have benefited. Search engine optimisation is not going away and despite Google trying to kill Article writing it just will not die!

Internet Marketers using article writing with the intention of ranking well in the SERPs have had to make major changes in how they write their articles. I have written this post with the intention of helping you to get long term results from your SEO article writing efforts.


Creating Expert Quality Content

You need quality links. The old days of getting thousands of links have gone. Google now wants quality links to your Blog. Getting quality links is tough but, the good news is you do need as many.

Google is looking for content of such a high quality that other blog and website owners including authority sites in your niche to link to your valuable content.

A great Google approved link building technique that you should use is, ‘Guest Blogging’. Instead of posting your article all over the Internet you only need to publish it once. You then need to work with each website owner individually to gain highly relevant and contextual links. This helps you in two ways. The first is Google loves them, the second is that your article will be read by that websites audience.

Google has now evolved to a point where its ranking algorithm is getting closer to being an expert on every subject and can tell if what you wrote is a load of crap or whether it is worth reading. So make sure to focus your article on the people that will read it. It is what Google wants.


Google used to rank your site based on the amount of backlinks pointing to your site. Nowadays backlinks still matter but, they are only effective as part of a larger strategy. Google now uses over 200 ranking factors to determine the quality of a site.

Google now tracks how long a visitor stays on your site. If visitors are leaving your site as soon as they land or in a short space of time, Google will take this as a, ‘Giant Red Flag’.

So make sure visitors are staying on your site for a while.

  • Make your articles easy to read. Short paragraphs and plenty of white space
  • Do not add music to your site unless it is a necessity
  • Add a video near the top of the page. Not everyone will watch it but, a lot of people will and it will improve the amount of time people stay on your site. Make sure that the video will load fast though as people will not tolerate slow loading videos
  • The use of graphics to add a little colour and break your text up will also help
  • Too many ads will also get you penalized. Google is definitely penalizing websites that it considers to have excessive ads. Another minus is that too many ads will encourage visitors to leave your site.

SEO Article Crash Course

  • Put your main keywords in your title
  • Make your article original, a one off. Just adding a personal story or experience will do. Even a case study or similar will do. Google loves originality
  • Make sure to link to resources that you use.  This will also help your rankings
  • Keep your articles detailed
  • Write your article for the people not for the machines
  • Promote your article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and anywhere else that you can promote it
  • Always spend a little time proofreading your articles. Use a spellchecker. It does not have to be perfect but, it must be reasonable.
  • Always edit and re-edit your article till it is as good as it gets. You should write an article that you believe is better than most of the other articles that have been written on the subject.

Don’t Do It

  • Do not publish respun articles and do not use PLR unless it is totally rewritten and has extra quality added to it
  • Avoid duplicate content as much as possible. Try to use unique and original content on your site
  • Do not use blackhat linking practices

Keyword density is now dead. Do not listen to people that say your keyword density should be X%. Sure, in the past it mattered but now it is of little use. Make sure that your keyword is in the title and first paragraph after that it will probably pop up once or twice, that is it. If your keyword is used to many times Google will treat your site as spam and you will suffer the consequences.

How long should your article be?

This is a hard one to answer. It needs to be long enough to cover the subject that you are covering. 700 words plus of great content is usually enough. You could use less. Best practice is probably to have articles of varying lengths. From around 400 words up to maybe 2,000 words for an in-depth article. Just make sure to tell a good story.

Latent Semantic Linking (LSI) ???

Do not worry about this one, if you are writing good quality content and linking to a few authorative sites you will be alright. LSI was created to identify quality content, not the other way round.

Creating great quality content will pay you back many times as it will last for many years. If you outsource your article writing make sure that it is top quality. Make sure to proof-read it and if possible edit it to make it even better. It will pay off in the long run.

What Google is trying to do, will improve the quality of content for the better.

My number one SEO article writing tip is to forget SEO and concentrate on writing the best article that you possibly can and add any links to sites that are mentioned in your article the rest will take care of its self.

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